The Taylor Swift Advantage

Last Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII.(‘LVIII’ means 58 by the way. And yes, I did have to look that up)

But from a publicity standpoint, Taylor Swift was the actual winner of the Super Bowl.

Let me explain…

Tay-Tay appeared no less than 12 times on camera during the Super Bowl. And while the amount of time doesn’t seem significant (53 seconds total)…

If you were to measure that in terms of advertising value, it would come to more than 12 Million Dollars.

(In truth it was probably a LOT more than that as TS songs surged & merchandise sold swelled)

No singing. No actual talking on camera. Just watching a football game.

This is a classic case of “the rich getting richer.”

And truth be told, this same scenario plays out all the time in the world of email marketing.

Those that consistently employ compelling emails don’t just enjoy more sales…they enjoy EXPONENTIALLY more sales than those who seldom (or never) send emails.

Swift wasn’t the only celebrity at the Super Bowl that night. But she dominated the publicity.

Done right, email marketing can give you that same upper hand.

It can allow you to effectively widen your fishing net to catch more fish while simultaneously narrowing the nets of your competitors.

The right email is able to:​Build a one-to-one relationship while leveraging your time one-to-many
​Quickly adjust strategy to account for recent industry or local market changes
​Coax out referrals and new business by consistently connecting with your clients and prospects​
If you are interested in capturing the lion’s share of sales and referrals, then hit reply and let’s discuss more.

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​-Mark “recovering Swifty” Thackeray​

P.S. Fun fact: According to January 2024 data, the most searched person on Google globally was Taylor Swift, at 16.1 million global searches. The rich getting richer.