Wisdom from Warren Buffet’s Main Man

As you may have seen, Charlie Munger passed away yesterday.

He was Warren Buffett’s main man, helping grow Berkshire Hathaway into a giant holding company worth more than $780 billion.

Not too shabby.

Admittedly, I didn’t know too much about the man until I read the news report, followed by a few additional Google searches.

But something he said made me start nodding my head like I was front row at an REM concert.

“Like Warren (Buffett), I had a considerable passion to get rich, not because I wanted Ferrari’s – I wanted independence. I desperately wanted it.” 

Earth shattering? No.

Revelatory? Not really.

Descriptive of the vast majority of us? 100%.

This was me.

Ever since college, all I wanted to do and have was that personal freedom.

To set my own schedule…

To operate my business how I saw fit…

And to be untethered from the typical 9-to-5 mold.

Looking back on the past 15 years, it’s worked out pretty good.

I’ve enjoyed the flexibility to spend time with my 4 girls, explore national parks with my wife, and go skateboarding in the middle of the day.

I love it.

And I attribute a good chunk of my success to the power of email. It’s been a constant source of clients, sales, and referrals for both me and my clients for more than 15 years now.

Unlike SEO and Google Ads, email is something that doesn’t cost a lot to do…literally pennies per email at most.

And the returns are typically much better. ($42 for every $1 invested according to Forbes)

That’s why business owners are willing to pay me hundreds of dollars for a single email, because they know that it’s one of the best ways to drum up business.

(In fact, I am meeting with a client later today that’s paying $350 per email, which is chicken feed compared to what they’ll generate from it)

Best of all…

You can get started with email right away.

You already know your customers well enough. You understand what questions they have, what their concerns are, and the end result they are after.

And with some easy-to-use email templates it’s even easier. Just copy, paste, and personalize and you’re ready to rock.

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