Finding Leverage In Your Business

A few weeks ago, I was having dinner at the home of my oldest brother Steve. He was giving me a tour of the recent projects they had completed as well as a few others currently in progress. 

At one point, he asked me and two of his sons to come help him move a large boulder in order to reach the pump for a water feature he was working on.

So, we all trudged over there as our wives and other kids watched. We each struggled to find an edge we could get a grip on and then all attempted to lift this massive rock together. Nothing. So we switched positions, altered our grips, and gave it another go. Hardly an inch. No matter what we tried, we couldn’t get this beast to move. 

That’s when Steve noticed a large steel stake leaning up against the wall. He walked over, picked it up, came back to the boulder and, positioning it just so underneath one side of the rock, proceeded to move this behemoth all by his lovely self. 

Step aside, boys…the master is at work. 

Grab Your Marketing Lever

Much like this humongo boulder, your business can be hard to move in the right direction at times. You might be doing all the things you are “supposed to be doing” and yet nothing seems to budge the boulder. 

If only you had a long steel stake…if only you had something that could provide the proper leverage so that you don’t need the muscles of a hercules to get this rock a rollin’ and your business a boomin.’

That’s how I view FB ads and email marketing…as a tremendous lever that allows you to prop up your business and move it forward…whether you are a business of 1 or a business of 100. 

When set up properly, the one-two combination of FB ads and email marketing can open up a world of opportunities, allowing you to scale your business as large or small as your lovely heart desires.  

Just like when you are displacing a massive boulder, you can transfer the weight of the effort on the lever…instead of on your own back. 

Wouldn’t that feel nice? To know that regardless of what you are doing (or not doing) that your message is constantly being shown to your market…and that automated follow up messages are hard at work to convert new clients. 

That’s what I call leverage. 

And if you would like to stop the strain of doing everything manually, then give me a ring. I’d love to provide you with a super strong marketing lever.