STOP Doing All The Things.

People LOVE to chime in with exactly what you need to do in order to grow your business. Ever noticed that? 

You’ll have people with ZERO experience owning and operating their own business start spewing out tactics & strategy to drive up sales. 

“You need a new website.” 
“Oh man, you need to be on Instagram.” 
“Are you making videos on YouTube? You HAVE to be doing that.”
“It all comes down to face-to-face, toes-to-toes, nose-to-nose. Nothing beats networking.” 
“Long-term success is all about SEO.”
“What you need is an influencer to help you get the word out.”
“Word of mouth is king.” 

Any of this sound familiar?? 

Now, I’m not saying that any of these people are necessarily wrong. But imagine if you took all of the things that you are ‘supposed to be doing’ and actually tried to do them all?

Seriously imagine what that would look like for a minute. It would probably end up looking something like this: 

  • Wake up, check & respond to email. 
  • Jump on Instagram and post an inspirational quote or your go-to breakfast.
  • Write, rehearse, and record video for YouTube.
  • Respond to comments on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Compose a new blog post to improve SEO. 
  • Attend networking meeting for 2 hours, pass out a business card or two, and work to schedule a meeting with a prospective partner or client. 
  • Respond to latest comments on IG & FB. 
  • Research influencers and reach out to them in hopes to finally hear something back. 
  • Create a newsletter to send out to your existing clients in an attempt to generate a referral.
  • Post story on Instagram of daily workout and how awesome you feel afterwards
  • Scour the internet for best website themes…only to find that the majority of them are a watered down version of what was shown initially
  • Final comments on IG/FB before crashing on your bed

And this doesn’t include ANYTHING related to servicing existing clients or managing other team members. 

It’s messed up. 

For some reason, we tend to think that we actually NEED to be doing all of these things in order to be successful. We buy into the hype. And what’s the end result most of the time? 

Frustration. Burnout. Work/life balance tanks. 

The truth is you DO NOT need to be doing all of these things. 

You can focus your efforts on 1 or 2 of these activities, go really deep with them, and make them work for you…before setting your sights on additional tactics. 

Why Facebook/Instagram Ads & Automated Email Marketing

This is why I love FB/IG ads and automated email marketing: once you set them up, they can be running in the background all day long. You simply turn them on and off it goes. It’s a machine that’s working for you each and every day. 

No more being glued to social media: posting, commenting, responding every single day.

No more slaving away to create video content. 

No more fruitless networking meetings. 

It is so liberating. It frees up so much time that you can spend on more important things like product development, team training, or time with the family. 

And that’s what I help my clients do: take the marketing burden off of them and put it on their system. 

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