How To Improve Your Email Marketing

Here are several tips to help you improve deliverability, increase open rates, and avoid the dreaded SPAM filter!

Make It Personal

When sending out emails to prospects and clients, make them look and feel like a personal email. In the end, you want your email to look and sound like you just sat down and wrote this email specifically for that one person (like you would a friend). This means make it LOOK like a personal email. Avoid too many images, fancy graphics/headers, and a flowery tone. Even if you are broadcasting the email to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people, write it as if you were speaking to ONE PERSON.

Avoid Too Many Links

Emails with 13 different links are often seen as SPAM. Don’t crowd your email with links to your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and your latest TikTok video. Not only will this raise red flags with email service providers, but it also will detract from your overall message. Imagine making a smokin’ offer to a prospect and instead of going to your sales page, they click on Instagram, get lost in the tidal wave of content, and then completely forget about your offer. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot like that.

One Ask (If Any)

Another thing to watch out for is asking your reader to do TOO many things. Keep it simple. Only make one ask of your audience at a time. Too many calls-to-action will result in inaction. They won’t do anything because there are too many choices.

Avoid Spammy Verbiage

Overly promotional, or too-good-to-be-true language can also get flagged as spam, especially in your subject lines. Double-check to make sure that you aren’t going National Enquirer on your content.

Segment Your Email List

You want your communication to be super relevant to your list. For example, someone who signed up on my list because of an email marketing training should NOT be receiving a boatload of promotions for Facebook Ads…unless they have shown some type of interest in that topic at some point. Don’t just send your message to everyone because it’s easy. Take the time to segment and tag your list according to their preferences and interests.

-Mark Thackeray

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