“We are passionate about local businesses and helping them thrive. There is so much risk, effort, and flat-out work that goes into getting a company off the ground. And to have that weight of total responsibility– fail or succeed- is something that most people have never even glimpsed. Having been through the fire, we recognize the steep challenges that local businesses face. And we’re here to partner with you in getting the word out to the right people so you have one less thing to worry about.” -Mark Thackeray

Secrets To Marketing Success

Marketing success depends on two primary concepts: 1) knowing yourself and 2) knowing your ideal client.

“Know thyself” as Socrates put it means to understand your singular position within the marketplace…how you fit in, the unique experience you provide, and what promises can you consistently deliver on time and time again.

Knowing your ideal client means that you truly understand who you are an ideal fit for…as well as who you are NOT. It’s an intimate knowledge of the challenges, desires, hopes, and fears of those you serve and your specific role in their life.

With these two tenets in place, your marketing message becomes clear and magnetic. It becomes a beautiful process that attracts the right people to your business.

Dr. Michael Chilton, Dentist

Challenge: New to the city with a recently opened dental practice, Dr. Chilton needed patients. How do you rise above the competition and cut through all the noise?

Solution: Identify your unique position in the marketplace, get clear on your ideal client, and connect with your community in a cost-effective way.

Results: Through a combination of Facebook/Instagram ads + email marketing, Dr. Chilton’s practice attracted 319 new patients in his first year, resulting in nearly $345,000 in production.

Saigon, Restaurant

Challenge: Covid threw a major curveball to dine-in restaurants, and Saigon was no exception. Struggling to transition to pick-up only orders, Jim needed help…and fast.

Solution: Effectively communicate the new changes to both new and loyal clients.

Results: Utilizing both social media, email marketing, and in-store signage, Saigon saw an immediate surge (24% increase) in sales, their best week in several months, and a return to consistent revenue each month.

3KE, Coaching & Training

Challenge: Getting people excited about attending an online event is one thing. But getting them to carve out 3 full days to attend…is another level entirely.

Solution: Speak directly to attendees’ desires, goals, fears, and concerns as well as how this training will impact their life right now.

Results: $17,770 in 14 days (1,380% ROI) thanks to email marketing, Facebook/Instagram ads, and social media posts.