Infusing Personality Into Your Business

Want to know one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when it comes to marketing? They are BORING. They are too generic, too vanilla. They have zero personality. 

And what happens when you are boring? People don’t pay attention. They tune out. (just ask your kids…they’ll tell you the same thing)

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is…if no one is paying attention. If you fail to interrupt and engage, you don’t even have a chance. It’s game over. 

Attract More of Your Peeps

Another bonus of pumping your ads full of personality? It separates your ‘kindred spirits’ from those that really aren’t a great fit. It can be a powerful qualifier because it polarizes your audience. 

Here’s a real life example: Duluth Underwear

Entertainment? Check. 
Captures attention? Check. 
Attracts & repels? Check.

Here’s another example I used back in my photography days:

I sent this out to a big potential client I was looking to land in San Francisco. I knew that he had been talking with other photographers and was getting the same pitch from nearly everyone. So I had a little fun with it and sent him this gorgeous 8×10 🙂 

Result? I got the contract. (He told me later that it became a prized possession among the office)

Another benefit: Pass-Along Value. 

People share things that they find entertaining. How many times have you received an email or Instagram message of a funny video? We looooove to share engaging content. 

Bottom line
Avoid falling into the trap of sterility and neutrality. You are not Switzerland. You do not need to appeal to everyone. In fact, it will be worse off for you if you try. 

You are passionate about your product and service because you’ve seen what it can do for others. Share your position and do it in an engaging (even outrageous) way.