The Words You Use

Let’s see if you have ever had this experience before.  You meet someone for the first time and within the first few minutes, he/she has accurately described in detail your current situation, including problems & challenges that you’ve never ever shared with anyone? 

Instantly, you feel validated. You feel understood. And your trust in this person is sky high, despite only knowing them for a few minutes. 

Alas…the glorious power of words. Specifically, the power of the right words

The ability to effectively articulate the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of another person creates a tremendous opportunity of influence. 

That deep understanding builds immediate credibility, and you start to see that person as one who has not only been there before but also possesses the answers to all of your questions. 

Historical Examples

History is replete with examples of how specific words rallied a group, community or nation to action. Here’s a few that come to mind: 

  • Adolf Hitler: His in-depth understanding of the horrible aftermath of WWI, where social & economic disorder reigned, gave him the words to connect with others who were tired, frustrated, and angry over their current situation.
  • Winston Churchill: Churchill rallied a threatened nation and persuaded FDR to come to their aid during WWII.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr: His “I have a dream” speech gave voice and form to the countless individuals who felt oppressed, persecuted, and abused. 
  • John F. Kennedy: Kennedy aroused the American spirit in his proclamation that we will reach the moon. 
  • Jesus Christ: His words continue to influence & persuade people the world over. 

And this principle applies itself wonderfully to your business.

When you can communicate precisely what your prospect is going through, down to their very thoughts & emotions, then you will have a captive audience. They will WANT to hear what you have to say. Automatically they will see you as having the answer. 

How To Find The Right Words

How do you uncover all those details? How do you find out what your clients and prospects are going through? 

You ask them. You engage them in conversation. You encourage them to share their experiences and how they got to this point, as well as how their life changed after they found the solution. 

In addition, there’s a good chance that you have been there yourself. Many entrepreneurs and business owners start their business addressing a specific problem that they themselves struggled with at some point.  Go back to that time. Identify how YOU felt. Detail everything out. 

Then use those words in your marketing. They will resonate with those who are the best fit for your business.