The Importance (and Trap) of Getting Started

Whenever you are stuck searching for the optimal plan, remember: Getting started changes everything. The teacher learns more than the student. The author learns more than the reader. The speaker learns more than the attendee. The way to learn is by doing.”

James Clear

This reminds me of another favorite quote: 

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

Albert Einstein

The same is true in marketing your business. As you take those initial steps to promote your services, you will start to receive feedback that will paint a clearer picture of how to adjust your marketing to improve results.

Too often, business owners will make one or two attempts at Facebook ads (or any other marketing medium) and then write it off saying “No, Facebook Ads don’t work for my business.” This is like trying to play the guitar after two times and saying “I can’t learn to play the guitar.” 

Just like in baseball, you typically don’t hit a home run your first time at bat. Facebook Ads are very similar. You probably won’t create a smashing campaign your first time up. But you will generate some incredibly important feedback that you wouldn’t have otherwise. And this insight will put you so much farther ahead than you were before you made your first attempt. 

Real Life Example
I remember one of my first attempts at Strategic Partnerships. There was a company that served the same audience that I did but that was not a direct competitor. So I approached them with the offer to provide an exclusive, free training to their clients. Eventually, we agreed on what it would look like and scheduled the date and time. 

Next, we put together various marketing campaigns, from email to social media to paid ads, to increase registrations for the training. 

Eventually the day of the training arrived. But guess what? Only 1 person showed up for the live training. Yep, despite all of our marketing efforts it was just me and this one other person. 

My initial reaction was disappointment. I knew that this training was something that our audience needed. I thought that this was a sure-fire topic that would drive attendance. Guess not, I concluded. 

After my presentation, I sent out the replay of the video training, eager to chalk this one up to another ‘learning experience.’ 

Then something interesting happened. That one person who attended called me up. They wanted to do business with me. 

And shortly after, one of the people who watched the replay called me up and also wanted to hire me. 

This struck me. 

After all this work and effort, I had only managed to entice a handful of people to watch the training- live or via replay. BUT…the percentage of those that watched the training that ended up contacting me about working with them was abnormally high.

In other words, if I could get people on the training, then the content and delivery would spark a desire to hire me to help grow their business. I just needed to figure out how to get more people on the training!

This was a huge revelation to me because it taught me that I didn’t need to change the content of the training. That was all good to go. All I needed to do was to uncover how to get people on there in the first place. 

See what an important discovery that was?

I very nearly trashed the entire idea because of the initial results, flushing all that time, effort, and content down the drain. But instead, I was able to see that it just needed a bit of tweaking. 

What are you learning from your efforts?
Are you taking the time to review your results? 

Constant evaluation is what allows you to start connecting the dots. And that’s where the magic happens. That’s when you start creating home run campaigns. 

Want another pair of eyes?
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