Are Facebook Ads Risky?

Facebook ads have the reputation of being risky. And the fact is, they are risky if you are going in blind.

It’s freakishly easy to create a campaign or boost a post, and then watch in silent horror as your credit card keeps getting charged and the phone still ain’t ringing.

It’s miserable. (I went through that, too)

But the reality is this: Facebook ads can actually help you reduce risk.

Here’s what I mean…

The decision not to run ads is also a decision to show up every single day, hustle, and put yourself out there for a client to find you.

But with Facebook ads running, your story is getting promoted to potential clients 24/7. It’s automatic. It’s a machine.

So even if you get sick, there’s a family emergency, or you take a day off to be with the kids, FB/IG will continue to share your message and connect with new audiences.

Which, in my opinion, gives you the best chance of attracting new clients to your business while simultaneously reducing your risk.

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