The ‘Secret Sauce’ That Makes Email Work

Email does work and can produce some powerful results. (Like $130K in one month for our dental client)

But…It’s not enough to simply send any old email. 

You need to hook the reader into your message if you want to propel them to action. 

Want to know the best way to do that? 

Through stories

Humans are wired for stories. 

We’ve been using them for thousands of years to pass along valuable information, life lessons, and pure entertainment.

Here’s an example…

Just the other week, I was in a group meeting with dozens of business owners where a speaker was sharing a talk he had prepared. 

As usual, a good percentage of the audience had their heads down..thinking about impending tasks, daydreaming, or simply checking their phones. 

But when the speaker launched into a story…

…all the heads in the room looked up. Everyone started paying attention.

That is the power of story. It acts as a hook that pulls people right into the narrative. 

In fact, many stories are so compelling that we can’t pull away from them until we know the outcome. It eats at you until you know the ending. 

And some stories are so good that you don’t want them to endyou wish there was more. That’s how potent they can be.

No only are they exceptional attention-getters, but stories also are very memorable, often getting retold again and again.

(Imagine if your emails were shared and recounted by your audience??)

For these reasons, it’s easy to see how stories have become our ‘secret sauce.’ 

And they can easily become your secret sauce, too. All you have to do is stay alert for stories that you can adapt and apply to your message. 

Or…for a faster solution…

You can join our Done-For-You Email Campaign program and we’ll take care of that for you. 

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P.S. Some of the most influential leaders of all time have used storytelling to get their point across: Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Marcus Aurelius, Martin Luther King Jr., Confucius

P.P.S. Look at Instagram, Facebook, & Snapchat- all of them recognize the magic of stories and have a STORIES feature to them.